– Hello. – And welcome to the show: –
* The Show Goes On *

Sharron-Idol excitedly announces the release of
her EP titled * The Show Goes On *.

So Idol’s releasing again eh? – ‘More noise, then, to accompany the inharmonious cacophony of racket that the music industry of the 21st Century has become… Well no; not exactly: You see this isn’t just another random release flung out into the ether in the hope that someone listens to it, + the ‘simply-will-not-happen’ event of some music mogul accidentally hearing it and shouting “Sign her up –now!”.  – It’s comforting to dream, but, seriously, things like that do not happen in real life. – Possibly there was a time when that happened once or twice, but that time is long gone.

Let’s stay within the bounds of possibility, rather than getting carried away on flights of fantasy: This is yet another release, one more creation out of the billions of releases already cluttering the catalogues; but it’s a stand-out release. – It’s waving a flag by means of this website. It’s screaming for consumption by your lug-holes because it was created by Sharron-Idol with patience, care, and a degree of personality-plus.


OK point taken: So why the picture of what appears to be an undersea scene, including the torpedo?

In truth it was very hard to decide upon an appropriate illustration for this album/EP – whatever; so I grabbed this image which I’d adapted from an original a while back, and, bearing in mind that track #2 is titled “Der Torpedo” – ‘The Torpedo’ when translated from German to English, I used it.


What’s with the German track titles?

It’s no big deal; they’re not all German. – I just wanted to be different, so I titled a few in German: –

Track # 2: Der Torpedo ‘The Torpedo’

Track # 3: KraftMusik ‘Power Music’

Track # 4: Machtspiel ‘Power play’




Here’s a full, continuous-play end-to-end studio-recording, of the tracks on this EP, that I put together when I had 15 minutes to spare.



Whilst I appreciate that you can, indeed, sample the entire EP, in full, from this site without paying anything to listen: please do bear in mind that this is only a sample. If you want to support me as an artist and “do the right thing”; then I trust you’ll make a purchase or stream from an official music retailer such as iTunes or CD Baby.



‘Listening to it now; and I’m becoming rather confused: Track #1 seems to start as a remake of track #1 on the 2013 album * On With The Show – The Album *.

I agree with that – Allow me to inceptualise a little further: –

The first track is, rather than a blast from the past, a full-circle journey from those early days of my initial album: Rather than a debut concert; this time it’s a review. – I can be a DJ. – In fact I was a radio DJ, and a bloody good one at that… This time it’s a kind of radio-show rather than a first-time performance – and in the second half of track #1 you hear some of the actual jingles I used on air.

– But I can make some sounds with anyone and anything – given enough time and the right incentive. In Der Torpedo (Track #2: So named because when the waveform was laid out right after mastering it looked exactly like a torpedo.) I become the source-DJ; merging with other DJs and collaborating to create a syncopated series of beats.

Then we go on to the real deal, with a sophisticated beat, reminiscent of Deutschlander beats

–  Music with Teutonic power – in tracks #3 and #4.

You’ll find that tracks 5 & 6 are the blast from the past that I tried to avoid at the start of this release: When I produced my EP * Afterglare * I released movement 3 of the Karibean Coffee Karumba, (I deliberately misspelled it.) and I promised in the notes that I’d release all of the movements on a future release. – So now I’m living up to that promise.

Track #6 is a reworking of * Love *; a track I created in the style of Marc Bolan, which first appeared on the EP * Afterglare * and has appeared in a number of similar incarnations since.

Yes; I do happen to rather like that track, (I’m a Bolan fan.) and I recorded a number of versions of it. The one that appears on this EP was originally titled
* Love 89 (Album Version) *.


What does * The Show Goes On * have that would make me want to listen to it?

‘Good question: I could answer with “Listen to it and find out.”; but that’s a bit of a cop-out. – So I’ll say, on the downside, that this isn’t a major release: It’s not going to hit the #1 spot in any charts. – It wasn’t intended to do so.

On the up-side; with over 46 minutes of music in total, * The Show Goes On * is intended for your listening pleasure and casual entertainment. Sharron-Idol created it to give you pleasure; to tune your eardrums while relaxing and edifying you.



Turn on the beat machine and let’s use it;
Sharron-Idol’s here with great mu-sic.
Pick up the beat: Your fin-gers start snapping:
‘Live with the jive, your feet and toes tapping.
Sharron-Idol’s here now, just to let you know;
That there’s music when you choose it
– Let’s go, go go!


Well hello – And welcome to the * About * page.
– I’m Sharron-Idol, and I was responsible for creating the EP * Q *.
– I had a small website on a similar sub-domain of my main site all about it.
Now I’m releasing another EP titled * The Show Goes On *.
– It’s a bit of a strange title, but I guess there’s some – shall we say ‘different’ – music on there.

IdolAnyway; let’s talk about shit about websites, and me, and “interesting” things like that:-
Whereas my main website deals with and seeks to give value from both my overall career and some technical assistance for other performing artists; (I’m a tech-geek entertainer, that’s my USP, (Unique Selling Point) so I give a little value from my technical abilities in addition to my artistic activities.) this website is slightly different in its intention: It hopefully gives value; but only with regard to a single area. – That being  everything related to my EP * The Show Goes On * exclusively.

Yes this website is all about Sharron-Idol’s EP  * The Show Goes On *; which is scheduled for release on Friday 5th January 2018.

Q450This is the fourth such website that I’ve created on a sub-domain exclusively for just one release. This is the second time that I’ve started such a website pre-release – I did that with * Q * too; so hopefully practice will make perfect – or at least better. It will be interesting to note what transpires. – Yes this site is being created initially at the end of November/beginning of December 2017, in preparation and readiness for the EPs release.


Like I say; this is not a first-time effort in this case; so let’s hope things are a bit smoother and less stressful this time around.

I intend to continue to have a website set up and ready on a sub-domain in the case of every release that I publish, to cover each instance of one of my releases from preamble right through to post-release events… And that’s going to involve a lot more work than just reporting on things after the event like previous sites have. – So, on this and future releases, I’ll be hoping to be forearmed in a larger capacity in order to face the challenges ahead with an heir of expectancy of an extent somewhat greater than that of the past. I had trepidations imagining writing the About page for that! – But I find I can just copy and update the previous About page – which saves me hours of typing.

In all there are or will be several other pages (Including this one.) on this site at some point in time.

Below is a listing, links, and a commentary on some of them. I do apologise if this page is frightfully boring; I will rewrite it both in the future on this site , as well as in future incarnations on other sites… Well I wrote it originally; so it’s not plagiarism is it?


  • The Home Page.

The Home Page is the page on which many visitors will begin with this site. A home page; any home page,  is like a shop front: It’s a display of what to expect inside. It greets the visitor. It introduces them to the site, and gives a brief overview of the content and the purpose of the whole thing, and gives the reader a first impression.


  • The About Page (This page.)

The About Page is le an extension of the Home Page inasmuch as it goes further in depth with regard to the content and the purpose of the site. Like its name suggests it tells the observer about the site: But not about the author’s life story and history in minute detail. – That can be added to their profile and bio if they really think anybody would be interested in reading it.


  • The Blog Page

Probably one of the worst things a website owner, a webmaster, can do, is to have a sequential full listing, in chronological order, of every blog post on their Home Page. – It’s a good idea to keep such listings to the Blog Page – and that’s the page’s function. Sometimes it’s a good idea to fragment the listing and have it across several pages; as with the blog page listing on my main site. – But there really aren’t enough posts on this particular site on this sub-domain to justify doing so in this case.


  • The Contact Page

It could be the case that readers and visitors may wish to, at some point,  contact the author/star/celebrity/bighead/dreamer – OK, me – To convey an idea or perhaps discuss any issues arising, whatever. It may well be a good idea to include a contact-form or similar on the page. In this case; since I have said contact form already created and waiting for readers’ usage on my m ain site; I simply link to it.


  • The Samples Page

On a site like this I could write a billion words. I could spend millions employing top advertising consultants to create stunning adverts, and produce the best copywriting ever. – But that wouldn’t allow you, the reader, to sample the tracks of the release in question. – And so, as a matter of course, we include a samples page, with a set of players, for you to whet your musical appetite with individual samples of the tracks.


You may be asking why?

Why set up an entire website for this and all future releases? – That’s a heck of a lot of work! – I mean come on Idol you crazy fuck; are you trying to give yourself an internet-overload?

Well look; the way I see it, if I’m going to all the trouble and expense of creating a new release then surely that deserves more than a page or two of write up on a single website? – That being my main website, on which it eventually gets lost in the noise as the site grows.

I mean yeah it’s extra work; but it’s worth the effort because it was worth the effort for me to create the music/lyrics or whatever, and go through all the processes involved in the release of my work: That in  itself adds value to an already valuable piece of work that I created from sheer talent and determination. That value will either be wasted by quickly fading into obscurity as the product goes unmentioned after the buzz dies, or it’ll be added to and the release kept alive by added input, reviews, publicity… and having its own website pretty much ensures that it doesn’t ever totally vanish into obscurity; at least until the website vanishes.

I originally intended for more content to be added to this About page; coming soon: But I think that this will do, as it is now. Why not start receiving updates on everything Idol by email. I warn you that I currently only write emails fairly rarely though; even though I pay AWeber almost $20 a month for my account. – Something needs sorting out there.

Contact Sharron-Idol

Sharron-Idol’s contactability info on this contact page: –

83 Ducie Street
M1 2JQ
Website: –

When I first installed this WordPress installation which runs this website; WordPress had helpfully left a note in place of this Contact page – mainly aimed at new WordPress users – on this pre-created page, saying: –

“This is a page with some basic contact information, such as an address and phone number. You might also try a plugin to add a contact form.”

– ‘Thing is, having posted up a snail address and a link to my main website, there’s not a lot left to do. – On previous sites I hacked up the footer and placed a “Contact Idol” link there. This time round I’m not hacking up the theme so much; it takes too long what with testing and debugging. – On that note I’m thinking of my main website; which uses a derivation of the TwentyFifteen theme by the WordPress Team. I spent ages hacking that up to make it into what I wanted for the purpose – and I lost a lot of potential income in doing so.

This site, and my other release-specific websites, uses the TwentySeventeen theme by the same team: This theme is a lot more versatile and adaptable; therefore it shall remain hackless.

Back to black & white. (With a yellow border.)

Right; I’m back on a white background page: It gives me a chance to waffle on. – NEVER give me a chance to waffle on or I’ll drive you to distraction. – So there is not-a-lot to write – but words are, in a sense, compulsory… And now, for some keyword stuffing, I’ll include the word ‘ contact’.

This site needs a Contact Idol * page; just in case anyone should want to contact Idol for whatever reason. – But it’s not a main page; it’s certainly not a piece of pillar content. – So it does no harm on this occasion to copy the contact page from the previous website and make a few modifications. – It saves unnecessary time & effort.
In short, if you really need to contact me, then go to my main website and use the contact page there: The linked URL is in the blue section, near the top of this page.

On the last website; the * Q * website, I borrowed some verse from a track which was released in the 1980s by The Art of Noise ft. Max Headroom – called * Paraniomia *
Some of you may remember it perhaps: –

“Come sweet slumber; enshroud me in thy purple cloak…

– Huh: ‘doesn’t even rhyme… – Is that my teasmade? ‘Can’t stand tea!”

I was trying to fill space… It’s all because Google, in their wisdom, maintain that any article should have a minimum of 300 words to be SEO-viable. Since I’m using the Yoast SEO plugin on this and all my other websites, the plugin enforces this dogma and deducts a serious number of marks from my projected SEO ranking if I fail to meet this criteria.

Whether or not Google take such a dim view of not having enough words to the article in regard of their search-rankings I have no idea; but it’s always better to play safe than be sorry, and so I strive for betterment in many regards.

A Blank Page

It’s not really a blank page; that was a bit of a wind-up to attract your attention.

I wanted to discuss the matter of, not blank pages, but rogue pages, appearing in the default TwentySeventeen theme, in new installations of WordPress: This page used to be one such page.

The WordPress Team; who created this theme, very kindly left me an example of a page, which they titled “A homepage section”. It contained the text: “This is an example of a homepage section. Homepage sections can be any page other than the homepage itself, including the page that shows your latest blog posts.”;  and it had its own URL featuring the words “homepage” and “section”.

That’s all very well; but not everyone is going to want a page that’s basically locked to that title. – If the site owner deletes it then it still appears in the XML sitemap if they have one, and it gets indexed in search results on Google and others too. If the user changes the URL – as I did – then the original URL throws a 404 back at Google, who add a black mark to, and/or deduct points from, the webmaster’s search ranking as a result.

It’s good of the WordPress team to leave an example for new WordPress users; but they create a problem greater than the one they solve in doing so.

I don’t have any suggestions to remedy the situation currently; but the above is worth bearing in mind.

Once again I have to create text just for the sake of it; in order to fulfil the Google directive of every article containing more than 300 words. This is word 277 and climbing. – Only 20 more to go and this annoying non-entity of a page will be ready for publication under the correct criteria for doing so.

– – – – – – –


You Can Win in * The Show Goes On * EP Draw – Prior To Release

‘Sorry; this draw is now closed. So Here’s The Thing; You Can Win and Cheat The Release Schedule. …But you might be lucky in this draw: Maybe not? Only 100 lucky applicants who leave me an email address to notify them through will receive a continuous-play mp3 studio-recording of all 6 of the tracks, in full, …