A Blank Page

It’s not really a blank page; that was a bit of a wind-up to attract your attention.

I wanted to discuss the matter of, not blank pages, but rogue pages, appearing in the default TwentySeventeen theme, in new installations of WordPress: This page used to be one such page.

The WordPress Team; who created this theme, very kindly left me an example of a page, which they titled “A homepage section”. It contained the text: “This is an example of a homepage section. Homepage sections can be any page other than the homepage itself, including the page that shows your latest blog posts.”;  and it had its own URL featuring the words “homepage” and “section”.

That’s all very well; but not everyone is going to want a page that’s basically locked to that title. – If the site owner deletes it then it still appears in the XML sitemap if they have one, and it gets indexed in search results on Google and others too. If the user changes the URL – as I did – then the original URL throws a 404 back at Google, who add a black mark to, and/or deduct points from, the webmaster’s search ranking as a result.

It’s good of the WordPress team to leave an example for new WordPress users; but they create a problem greater than the one they solve in doing so.

I don’t have any suggestions to remedy the situation currently; but the above is worth bearing in mind.

Once again I have to create text just for the sake of it; in order to fulfil the Google directive of every article containing more than 300 words. This is word 277 and climbing. – Only 20 more to go and this annoying non-entity of a page will be ready for publication under the correct criteria for doing so.

– – – – – – –