Contact Sharron-Idol

Sharron-Idol’s contactability info on this contact page: –

83 Ducie Street
M1 2JQ
Website: –

When I first installed this WordPress installation which runs this website; WordPress had helpfully left a note in place of this Contact page – mainly aimed at new WordPress users – on this pre-created page, saying: –

“This is a page with some basic contact information, such as an address and phone number. You might also try a plugin to add a contact form.”

– ‘Thing is, having posted up a snail address and a link to my main website, there’s not a lot left to do. – On previous sites I hacked up the footer and placed a “Contact Idol” link there. This time round I’m not hacking up the theme so much; it takes too long what with testing and debugging. – On that note I’m thinking of my main website; which uses a derivation of the TwentyFifteen theme by the WordPress Team. I spent ages hacking that up to make it into what I wanted for the purpose – and I lost a lot of potential income in doing so.

This site, and my other release-specific websites, uses the TwentySeventeen theme by the same team: This theme is a lot more versatile and adaptable; therefore it shall remain hackless.

Back to black & white. (With a yellow border.)

Right; I’m back on a white background page: It gives me a chance to waffle on. – NEVER give me a chance to waffle on or I’ll drive you to distraction. – So there is not-a-lot to write – but words are, in a sense, compulsory… And now, for some keyword stuffing, I’ll include the word ‘ contact’.

This site needs a Contact Idol * page; just in case anyone should want to contact Idol for whatever reason. – But it’s not a main page; it’s certainly not a piece of pillar content. – So it does no harm on this occasion to copy the contact page from the previous website and make a few modifications. – It saves unnecessary time & effort.
In short, if you really need to contact me, then go to my main website and use the contact page there: The linked URL is in the blue section, near the top of this page.

On the last website; the * Q * website, I borrowed some verse from a track which was released in the 1980s by The Art of Noise ft. Max Headroom – called * Paraniomia *
Some of you may remember it perhaps: –

“Come sweet slumber; enshroud me in thy purple cloak…

– Huh: ‘doesn’t even rhyme… – Is that my teasmade? ‘Can’t stand tea!”

I was trying to fill space… It’s all because Google, in their wisdom, maintain that any article should have a minimum of 300 words to be SEO-viable. Since I’m using the Yoast SEO plugin on this and all my other websites, the plugin enforces this dogma and deducts a serious number of marks from my projected SEO ranking if I fail to meet this criteria.

Whether or not Google take such a dim view of not having enough words to the article in regard of their search-rankings I have no idea; but it’s always better to play safe than be sorry, and so I strive for betterment in many regards.